photo by Reuben Reynoso

photo by Reuben Reynoso


a brief history

Growing up in a creative family, Kara was exposed to the arts at an early age. Her mother was an art teacher and her father was the family paparazzi with his film Nikon.

She spent many hours on the stage dancing or singing and it was her Grandmere Mae that said "Someday you will be on the stage"

Well, that didn't quite happen because when Kara was ending high school she turned toward film.

In the spring of 2014, she packed her bags after dropping out of school and headed to the entertainment Mecca: Los Angeles

It took her almost 2 years to realise that what she was looking for in her career wasn't there. She didn't want to book a car commercial or get onto a bad TV show. She wanted to make her own films that had strong female leads and were set in the Midwest.

She is currently finishing up her college career at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. She will graduate in Spring 2017 with a degree in Studies in Cinema and Media Culture.

Now her goal as a filmmaker is to shine a positive light on what women go through from having sex for the first time to having your first one night stand. She will hire female crew members first and all of her films will take place in either Minnesota or Wisconsin.


Want to collaborate with Kara or just get coffee? Shoot her an email: kara.hakanson@gmail.com

I: @karahakanson